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Elycia-Marie is all about experimentation. Whether that is with texture, colour or her intuition on each piece. She brings her own style and personal energy to each artwork, evoking a feeling in something you can get lost in. 

As an abstract artist each piece has it's own process and direction. Elycia takes inspiration from everyday life., her surroundings, the colours that inspire her and the compositions that she feels would allow her audience to freely journey around each work. Whether a more neutral palette, or something vibrant, it's all about the clash and the complimentary. It's all about the curious play in colour.

With a passion for bringing a space to life, Elycia works closely with clients on their interior journey and creates commissioned work for both homes and commercial spaces.

Elycia's work has been featured in British Vogue and exists in private collections through the UK, Europe and America. Her studio is based in Hertford, UK where she opens her doors to the public via The Brothership Studio. 

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